We All Live in the Forbidden City offers a variety of educational and cultural programs that are suitable for children, families, and teachers.

We also welcome your participation in our upcoming workshops for children and teachers:

Children’s Workshops

The program offers a robust array of Forbidden City-related programming specially designed for children. We believe strongly in the importance of making this project accessible to children no matter their socio-economic background, and a series of workshops will be offered, in partnership with local schools, libraries, museums, and community organizations in cities such as San Francisco, Richmond, Toronto, Boston, Vancouver, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. More

Professional Development Workshops

Also being offered are a series of professional development workshops that involve partnering with educational institutions in the United States and Canada to bring cultural objects and resources related to the Forbidden City to K-12 teachers. These workshops are unique opportunities for K-12 educators to deepen their understanding of China and bring that knowledge into the classroom. Participants will learn about, and discuss, aspects related to the Forbidden City including but not limited to: architecture, philosophy, politics, Chinese history, and the transition from palace to museum. Discussions cover how to integrate China and Forbidden City-related topics into the classroom, learning strategies for doing so, and all participants receive take-home resources. More