For additional resources about China and the Forbidden City, check out these websites:

China360 Online – China Institute’s education website uses  lesson plans, resource collections, and curriculum guides to assist and inspire educators and life-long learners of Chinese language, history, and culture.

We All Live in the Forbidden City Children’s Workshops – Download the pre- and post- workshop materials for our children’s outreach workshops The Palace is Like a Big Forest (including a separate Architectural Elements sheet) and How Are You, Mr. Emperor?.

The Palace Museum – The official website of the Forbidden City’s Palace Museum in Beijing.

我的家在紫禁城 – The website for the original We All Live in the Forbidden City program, based in Hong Kong.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Special Exhibition Activities: Forbidden City – VMFA’s Forbidden City Resources will help you explore the world of the Ming and Qing Dynasties both in your classroom and at the museum!

Royal Ontario Museum: The Forbidden City – The website from ROM’s 2014 exhibition The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors offers user friendly resources and activities for families.

The Forbidden City – This short documentary from the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, gives a concise and useful overview of the palace’s layout and history.

Asia for Educators – An initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University, Asia for Educators (AFE) is designed to serve faculty and students in world history, culture, geography, art, and literature at the undergraduate and pre-college levels.

Chronology of Dynasties – Download this convenient one-page document that lists the names and ruling dates for China’s dynasties.

Leaders of China Timeline – Download this easy-to-use reference that lists China’s emperors and presidents from the Ming Dynasty to the present day.

Activity: Make An Imperial Court Robe – This activity (template included) from the Royal Ontario Museum lets you create your own Dragon Robe, just like the one seen in our book What Was It Like Mr. Emperor? Life in China’s Forbidden City!