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What’s in a soccer goalie’s uniform?

All the players of a football team are important, but at certain moments of a game all eyes are on the goalkeeper, a character who, despite not running so much during the game, has significant pressure since his performance will see the realization of a goal or not.

That’s why today we explain to you the qualities of the goalkeeper’s uniform, which not only identifies him as a player of a certain team, but also protects him and helps him to improve his performance.

Equipment of the archer’s uniform

When we think of a goalkeeper, the first equipment that comes to mind is gloves:


The gloves that we sell in our page, the ones that you can see in Store Futbol Colombia, are designed to protect the upper extremities of the sportsman.

Currently, they are made of fabric that allows sweat to dissipate quickly so that the player feels more comfortable. They have a patent for humidity conditions that provides more adherence to the skin and better performance because they do not slip.

They also have straps that surround the entire wrist to improve fit and relief to protect the hand from hits when receiving the ball.

The pants:

They’re very different from the rest of the players. Actually, they are pieces that fit the body since this sportsman is not running during most of the game. On the contrary, he is standing still waiting for the ball to come to him to make his move.

In this link you can see the models that are offered, pieces that allow the player’s perspiration not to affect his movements because of the fabric that is used.

The pieces have cushioning along the legs and crotches to keep the player from getting hurt as much as possible. The new models are provided with an anti-slip gel that prevents the player from slipping on the fabric and losing control of the ball when receiving it.

Shin guards to protect your legs:

They are now being made more padded to make them more comfortable and anatomical.

They fit archers’ legs and feet. They are manufactured to cover the legs, heels and feet completely, and are made simple to cover only the shins.

Finally, let’s talk about the divers in the archer’s uniform:

They cover the upper body and quickly wick away sweat for player comfort. Rubber has been added to certain parts of the diver to dissipate the force with which the ball hits the goalkeeper at the moment of a collision and to prevent him from being injured when he touches the ground because of a fall.

Protection as a priority point

In general, the football goalkeeper’s equipment has padded material mainly on the shoulders, hands, knees and hips. Its function is to effectively protect all those parts when the goalkeeper makes jumps to stop the balls.

You can see all the products mentioned in this article in our online store, and thus go to check them to know what you need.

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