The Strange Izakaya Of Kyoto

The Izakayas are a bit like the counterparts of the tapas bars in Spain. They are small establishments that are generally frequented in the evening. We eat a myriad of small dishes, we drink a lot too. People speak loudly, laugh and seem to have a really nice time.

It seems to me that these places are an important part of Japanese culture, both gastronomically and socially.

To enter an Izakaya is also to wring the neck of a lot of clichés about this people. I really invite all visitors to stop there at least one evening to breathe for a moment the same atmosphere as the Japanese.

Lovers need to be nurtured. So it is with a lot of zeal that I visit these places on a regular basis.

Delay & discovery :

On my way to a meeting, I hurtle down the streets of the kyotoïte east. The tracks follow one another at high speed and I barely pay attention to the city itself. My gaze is nevertheless caught by an old house. The windows of the second floor are open and reveal strange objects hanging from the ceiling.

I don’t have time but I turn around and stop in front of the strange house. It is easy to understand that it is a bar or a restaurant. I memorize the location and leave at full speed knowing now how busy it will be the next night.

Muraya, the crossroads of an art gallery and an Izakaya :

Kyoto has adorned herself with her evening dress, and already I can see the coveted place. The outside is an invitation for the curious who would venture into the corner.

An interesting fresco covers a wall and the second floor is always open, illuminated with strange objects.

Like a butterfly captivated by the light, the front door is pushed open.

The place is not very big but the bar that occupies the center of the room already meets the expectations that since this afternoon had germinated in my mind.

Strange objects are displayed everywhere, some even move. Garlands of light complete the atmosphere. The creations that decorate the place are clearly the work of the master of the place and give a unique touch to this Izakaya.

The place is welcoming and the music is really original. The two tables of the entrance being occupied, we are directed to the back of the bar. A little more classical atmosphere with tatami and coffee tables.

On the side of the map :

The place is so original that it takes some time to finally get interested in the map and the festivities it can contain.

The map is a little more classic than the place. One finds there all that makes a good Izakaya.

For the food: raw cabbage, karaagué (fried chicken), yaki soba (fried buckwheat pasta), the famous edamame (a kind of big green bean) and a whole bunch of small dishes that will be prepared right after you place your order.

On the beverage side, we also have the great classics: Beer, highball, shu high, and a nice collection of Nihonshu (Japanese sake made from rice), and souchu (alcohol made from potato or wheat). The map is also quite extensive for the latter.

The toilets in Dali :

When you drink a little, a lot, passionately … There comes a moment when Mother Nature remembers you. Why do you talk about this, you tell me?

It’s that in fact the main part of the place, we hadn’t seen it yet ! For that it is necessary to pass by the toilet box. One pushes the door which gives on a very new room. One then finds oneself in a dream or Alice would have still a little bit abused mushrooms which make laugh.

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